About Us

Diamond Mountain Casino is governed by the federally recognized Susanville Indian Rancheria. Established in 1928, 30 acres were purchased for the benefit of homeless California Indians. The Rancheria consists of Paiute, Maidu, Pit River, and Washoe Indians. Since 1969, when the governing body was formed, the Rancheria has worked hard towards the community development which includes a clinic, tribal office, gymnasium, pre-school, and a training center. The Rancheria now needed something new, something different, and above all, something that would benefit not only the existing Tribal members, but the ones to come in the future. In 1995, the Rancheria had an exciting plan to develop what would later become a big asset to the local area; a casino was envisioned in our future.

The Diamond Mountain Casino was completed and open for business on February 17, 1996. By 1999, the state of California would see a mass movement where California tribes were able to enter in to compacts with the states Governor in the form of Prop 5. The California Proposition 5 initiative was probably the single most substantial victory ever undertaken by a coalition of Native nations. Many predicted the campaign's defeat but because of clear goals, excellent strategy and smart tactics, it won a resounding victory by California voters. It was a great moment in American Indian public engagement. Unfortunately, some Nevada casinos filed a law suit and proposition 5 was overturned and ruled unconstitutional on a legal technicality.

By 2000, proposition 1A was put on the ballot to resolve this technicality. This proposition was to overturn the states Constitutional amendment that prohibits Nevada and New Jersey type casinos. Because of California voters who are in favor of California tribes having self-reliance and economic development as sovereign nations, proposition 1A became one of California's Constitutional amendments and established that Indian gaming on tribal lands is legal in California.

By January 2002, the tribe was able to re-model the casino's existing building to add a Sports Bar and Café as well as change its hours to be open around the clock. Along with these changes came new customers as well as employees. After the re-model, the customer base continued to grow so rapidly that the tribe had to come up with a new plan. This plan was to ensure that there was enough room for its large customer base with at least 30% of Susanville's population (and growing) visiting the casino on a regular basis, whether it was for tasty food at the twenty-four hour café, or for trying their luck on the Nevada style slot machines. In summer 2003 was the ground-breaking ceremony for the expansion which would more than double the size of the existing 6000 square foot casino.

With non-stop action, fun and the excitement of winning, the Diamond Mountain Casino now exists of 26,000 square feet with popular Nevada style slot machines, Bar & Grill, with a non-smoking area Banquet Room, and a Gift Shop. After COVID many things have changed and are continuing to change or get back to normal. Please call prior to visiting to check on areas of interest.

The casino has a full bar and serves complimentary soft drinks. Don't forget you can then top it all off with a good meal at our wonderful café where you'll find the lowest prices in Susanville. So the next time you're in the area, stop by and see why the Diamond Mountain Casino is the place "Where Friends Meet Friends".

Diamond Mountain Casino is proud to be a member of the Lassen County Chamber of Commerce. For more information about events in Susanville and surrounding areas visit Lassen County Chamber of Commerce